Seedlings in Pots

About Us

Hi! We’re Paula & Rachyl, two friends who decided to channel our passions into a small business.


Before SixOneFlora, Paula, as an avid plant mom, had been looking to take her talents and interests to the next level, and Rachyl was already spending her days helping local social enterprises succeed, but didn’t yet run one of her own. 

Six One Flora was the perfect opportunity to combine our talents and interests. We love the notion that everyone’s enthusiasm for house plants can become a way to give back to local community gardens.

Supporting community growers and those who grow for the community.

A portion of all sales are donated to local community gardens.

Nominate your favorite community garden

Stress-Free Plant Parenting

Each plant comes with a care card. And should you ever have any questions or help with you plants, Six One Flora is always available!